~Broken Bone Insurance
Yup, just like it sounds! You break it, you get paid!
Granted it cannot be self-inflicted, during a war (a bout does not constitute a war...lol), while you are committing a crime, or while under the influence of a drug or controlled substance (booze not included in that exclusion - unless you are driving drunk)

Yes, just plain stupid and clumsy IS covered!!

Whether you are self-employed, unemployed, a student, a homemaker or from another group which makes up this amazingly diverse group, you can get this plan. It is not integrated with existing group benefits. It pays out a lump-sum benefit.

We all know that the longer we play this sport the greater our chances are of getting hurt. Like I have heard many times "It's
not a matter of IF you get hurt, but WHEN."

Hey, your pain and suffering can be worth something...literally. Ask us how.

Click here for FAQ and sample application

~Team & Individual Travel Insurance
We can get group travel plans for your roller derby team!! Whether you are traveling to the States, Europe, Asia or even inside
of Canada, I can get a group travel plan for your team, or for you as an individual.

It is normally cheaper than buying individual policies, and in our sport a MUST HAVE!

Even in Canada you should get a policy if you are traveling outside of your home province. Why you might ask? Well, for one, your provincial health care DOES NOT cover ambulance rides outside of your home province. For the VERY SMALL amount of premium it would cost for the policy, it is worth it. An ambulance ride averages from $400-600 dollars. Trust me, we have learned this one the hard way!...lol. There are lots of limitations to your provincial healthcare.

Also, if you already have a travel insurance component through and employer plan, or with your credit card, just ensure that
they cover contact sports. Fewer and fewer companies are willing to take on the risk of contact sports. We still work with an insurance underwriter that will assume this risk.

Want a team quote? Contact me and I will send you a group quote form or click here.

Looking for an individual quote for travel insurance, call 1-800-379-9628 and quote agency code 1650.

~Disability Insurance
If you were to injure yourself bad enough that you could not work, and you had no income coming in for months, how would
you live? Who would pay your bills, buy your food, keep a roof over your head?

There are no lack of options out there, but what limits accessibility to these plans is income. "Traditional" disability insurance has an income-based benefit. If you are a student or home-maker with little or no income, you would qualify for little or no
benefit if you were injured. These plans can be right for certain situations. Let me help you determine a plan that's right for
you and your situation.

~Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance (LTCI) provides an income-style benefit if you become unable to care for yourself due to an accident, illness, aging, or deteriorated mental abilities. LTCI provides you with a monthly benefit when you become physically dependant because you can no longer safely and completely perform two or more activities of daily living, or because you require continual supervision to protect your health and physical safety due to a deterioration in mental ability.

Unlike "traditional" disability insurance, you do not need to qualify for LTCI financially, and the premiums are not based on earned income or occupation. This is a great product for individuals who are self-employed, homemakers, and students. It is also a great product to bridge the gap between benefits paid through existing disability plans, to top up your income while on
a claim.