Hello ladies and gents! I'm Barbara Lapointe, owner of Pack Is Here! insurance Services. I have been in the financial services industry since 1991. I made the transition into the insurance field in 2001, and haven't looked back since!!

I am married and I have two derby orphans, who can been seen locked up with toys in players boxes on any given day.

Insurance specialist by day - Derby girl by night (and weekends...lol)

Within the first year I was skating, I saw 4 broken ankles in my league alone. We all know that it's not if we get hurt, but when. As a self-employed individual, I analyzed the impact such an injury would have on my financial situation, even with the existing coverage we have with either CRDI or RSC. I found a plan that is a fantastic top up to not only our association plans, but any plans you may currently have through an employer.

If you are going to play this sport, you need to make an investment in financially protecting yourself!

I love roller derby! But a serious injury home or abroad could have serious financial repercussions. It became my mission to find products that would cover our beloved sport (as well as most amateur sports)

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